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On-Line Order Form

Item Id: 1665

Check this box if you ordered from us last year
My imprint is exactly the same as last year
If your imprint is exactly the same as last year, please type in same as last year in Section A

Design Your Own Calendar Imprint Below

Please use the text editor below to show us what you want imprinted on the calendar. It works like a simple word processor. We have designed this to make it simple to show us what you want imprinted on the calendar. After you type in your imprint in SECTION A , you may indicate in SECTION B the fonts that you want for each line and any special instructions. We will typeset your calendar for best visual effect. The sizes on the text editor are just approximate to see the general look of your imprint (they are not actual point sizes).

If you have any problem using it, or would just prefer to email us your imprint, check this box, and
email us your imprint information to,
Note: Text Editor only works with Internet Explorer. If you are using another browser, please email the imprint.

Your Imprint Text SECTION A

Please Specify Imprint Text in Editor:

4 Lines of imprint is recommended for full size wall calendars and
desk calendars for best effect

Tell Us any Special Instructions SECTION B

We will typeset your text for best effect based on the imprint and size of each line that you typed in above. If you want us to use a particular font, please indicate
the font here, and if there is
more than one font, indicate the line and font ( Example: Print line one in Ariel, print line 2 in
Tahoma, etc). Also indiate any special instructions such as an in between quantity.

Upload your Logo (if any).If you do not have a logo to imprint, and we are going to print text only, please skip this section

If you are having a logo imprinted, there is an additional charge of $76.00 to print or engrave it on your product. The imprint area for each product is shown. You must
submit your logo, and any
wording (names, addresses, etc)
in a file that is sized for the
imprint area on the product, if
you are able to supply one.. The
file must be submitted as a
vector EPS file, Illustrator CS3 or below, fonts converted to curves/outlines. We can typeset
if needed. If you are unable to supply your logo in the proper format above, art charges will apply.

My logo file is complete to print and includes all text, if any
There is additional text (Name, address , phone, or anything else) to typeset in addition to my logo. I have indicated the text needed in Above Text Editor
I ordered from you last year and I am using the same logo (there will be no logo charge in this case)
Describe where you want your logo placed

Imprint Color

Select Imprint Color
Skip this section if your imprint color is black.
Click if you are ordering a calendar with Full Color Imprint


Calendar Colors

Select Calendar Color



Select Your Quantity and Price

100 @ $4.47
250 @ $3.68
500 @ $3.35
1000 @ $3.35
2500 @ $3.21
5000 @ $3.21
Choose if your quantity does not match above

Black and white photo (wall calendars and 5 day Desk calendars only)

If you want a black and white photo on the calendar.  Additional fee of $45.00

Upload a high resolution jpeg image here
If you do not have a very high resolution black and white jpeg to upload, but you want to use a black and white photo on your calendar,check this box and we will email you instructions on how to mail us the photo

Color photo upload- applies only to calendars with a full color imprint

If you have ordered a calendar that includes a full color imprint, you may upload a full color picture here. The picture should be high resolution. A tiff image, minimum 600 DPI is best, but a jpeg of 600 DPI may be acceptable. The charge for a full color photo is $ 60.00 additional.
Upload a high resolution image here

If you are uploading a logo or color photo, you must check the box below agreeing to our art terms!

I understand that If my art is not supplied in the proper format above, that it will have to be fixed by a professional graphic artist in order for it to print sharp. I agree that I may be changed an art charge of $ 25.00 to fix a one color art or logo, and $ 50.00 to fix a two color art or logo. without any advance notice. If the art charge exceeds this, I will be notified before the order is processed. I agree to this.

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