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We maintain our low prices on calendars and promotional products by selling on the internet, without the use of sales people or fancy catalogs. Our process is extremely AUTOMATED and ACCURATE! Every order is reviewed for accuracy, and we make suggestions to you (by email) on making your imprint look great. This is accomplished through our online ordering form, and we offer a discount for ordering online. We have sold millions of calendars and promotional products this way, and it allows us to offer you great service and process your order faster, easier, and there is less chance for error.

We still take orders the “old fashion way” if you prefer. Before calling out toll free number, please be aware that phone calls are accepted for immediate orders only. Our Toll Free number- for Orders Only We only except phone calls for definite orders of items that are on our website. Please have the item # and your credit card ready when you call.

We will be happy to help you with all details of your order, but if you need additional information before ordering, please do not call. Use the
Calendar email request form or the Promotional Products email request form instead
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