Online Ordering-Done right!

Promotional calendars-orders done right with the best customer service - Thousands of happy customers. With millions of promotional calendars sold by us over the past 10 years, we have learned to do things correctly.

We help you with all phases of your order, to make your calendars look great:

We take the time to do things right!

Need help choosing the correct promotional calendar, or have questions prior to ordering? Use our Email Request for immediate answers


Customer Service by Telephone

I don't see your telephone number, don't you have one? Yes, of course we have a phone number, but we rarely use it.

Will we ever call you? Sometimes we may have a question about your order, or you have not approved your proof, and have not responded to our emails within 24 hours. This may happen because of junk mail filters, and other email receipt problems. We will then call you, because we do not want to delay your order.

For questions prior to ordering, by using our email request form, you will get the best attention possible, with a prompt answer to all your questions. We take the time to research your needs such as:

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